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July 14th, 2008


This weekend I ran into Vince, the guy throwing the Electric Sweat party on Friday, and talked to him a bit about the setup for the party… and it’s gonna be sweet!

He’s building two large subway cars out of wood (just the facade, like a movie set) which will both be spraypainted with oldschool style graffiti. The window cutouts will have backlit pictures of the inside of the subway cars to make it seem like you can see inside the cars. The two of these will be flanking the dancefloor on either side, sectioning off the area a bit. At the front of the room will be the DJ stage, made out of old TVs. This will *not* be your ordinary party!

For those confused, although this is an 80’s themed party, we will *not* be playing all original 80s music. I plan on playing a mix of remixed 80s songs, new electro and disco-y sounding stuff, b-more, and then I’m sure a few original 80s too.

Make sure to RSVP online so you only have to pay $20. RSVPing is *not* buying a ticket, so just go and do it now! Also, note that there’s an open bar and British Knights give aways 🙂

RSVP Here -> TheKeyRoom.Com

Peep some pics from the Down and Derby roller skating party they had at the same venue last month here:

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