Pictures: E-six & Roan Hang in the Burgh


November 26th, 2008


E-Six (Emilio) and Roan (Matt) came to the burgh for LazerCrunk last week, but also hung around an extra day just for the hell of it.  They were super good guys and we had a lot of fun both partying and hanging out.  I stole a bunch of pics from Matt’s flickr account for, but feel free to go check out his pics on your own to see more than I posted on here, plus others from their various travels:

Thursday the guys got in via amtrak from Philly.  We went straight to the club and setup the turntables, cd decks, mixer, and their video gear.  The Steelers game was on, so we rocked that in the background as Geoff and I played until it was over, and the Chicago boys started.  Then they rocked out, Geoff and I finished it up, and the afterparty continued at my place till who knows when.  Good thing Geoff and I took work off the next day.

The next day I met up with Geoff, Emilio and Matt at Fatheads where the Order of the Neon Ninjas (OOTNN) first meeting went down.  This might just have to be our temporary lodge until we can get a proper lair established.  We walked down Carson St a bit, getting Emilio a haircut, waiting for the One-Up guys to never get back from the bank, and picking out some hot attire on the way.  Later that night we hit up some India Garden before going to the Matt & Kim show, Brillobox and eventually “Fuck the Bullshit” at the Elks Lodge.  E&M went on from 2-3 and I dropped some tunes from 3-3:30, courtesy of the cop who agreed to stay an extra half hour (thanks dude).  Biggups to Joe for putting the benefit together, we had fun raving it up.


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