Pictures: LazerCrunk 7 – MathHead


December 19th, 2008


Last night was a banger for sure!  We had Bob Teagarden bring in the sound reinforcement, and it was proper to say the least.  Great to hear the BrilloBox sound like that and what a better guest to flex it than MathHead with his monstrous bass sound.  We really gotta start recording this stuff.  Thanks to everybody for coming out, the turnout was awesome.

I saw somebody taking some pix w/ a pretty nice camera, but until I can track those down, here are some point-and-shoot pics. 

Next month’s LazerCrunk will be a “foam party” like you’ve never seen before (and Anita’s birthday party).  Also, keep an eye on here for remixes of Styx’s Renegade by Dave/8cylinder and myself.


-T0DD K€€B$

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