Seclus Jockey 001 – Sduk & Halp


June 13th, 2011


Seclus Jockey

Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey Records (twin labels separated at birth) have decided to bring their artists together to work on some fun tracks free for the sharing. It seemed quite greedy to keep this goodness to myself, so go check it out their first release: an 8-bit, uncategorizable goodie by Sduk and Halp…

Lunge – Sduk & Halp – Seclus Jockey 001

… and then go check out Halp’s new “Gazziliaan Yeers EP” release on Seclusiasis Records…

… and finally, hold tight for Sduk’s YouNyt release coming out June 20th on Slit Jockey Records. Although there are some tight remixes, the original mix is the one for me. Been rocking it every chance I get!

Sduk - YouNyt

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